If you were to create a bucket list, what would you put on it? A question that many people don’t take as seriously as they should. It’s very easy to say that you’re going to do something one day, but it’s another to actually find the time to do it. Many newcomers to Arthur Murray Dance Center are people that are well into their grown up lives, some are even in their retirement, and when asked why they’ve decided to join our dance school, they reply with “I’ve always wanted to take dance lessons”. We are proud of anyone that has found time in their lives to fulfill a lifelong aspiration, and we appreciate the people that have chosen Arthur Murray to attain their goal to learn dance, even as an adult. These people inspire us and prove that it’s never too late to learn something new. So, for anybody who has contemplated the thought of signing up for dance in your adulthood, we’re here to tell you why it is perfectly acceptable to do so.

Fountain of Youth

You’ve heard the saying, “age is nothing but a number” used in many different contexts, but it is especially true when it comes to dance and sports. A beginner dancer over the age of 50 may struggle slightly more than a beginner dancer at the age of 20. Results may vary in the length of time it will take to accomplish a routine, nonetheless, both beginners are working towards a goal that has taken a lot of courage to begin. Some things that an aging adult may experience during their transition into becoming a dancer, will significantly impact their health. As we age, our muscles and joints no longer work like they used to—let alone feel like they used to. One of the best exercises for an adult is dance, and better yet, no matter the type of dance, you can expect it to strengthen your muscles. Specifically, ballroom dance helps with joint pain because of the smooth movements involved.

Mental Health

Learning new choreography can be challenging to some, but it’s the challenge that appeals to people. The mental benefits affiliated to dance include increased relaxation, stress relief, and motivation. Focusing on dance will also spur creativity and boost your overall energy levels which benefits so many other aspects of your life. After each dance lesson, you will find yourself more confident and eager to return to class. Let your mind relax, listen to the music and let your body move.

Social Benefits

Let’s face it, it’s a lot harder to make friends and engage with other adults outside of work. By signing up for one of our classes, you can expect to meet adults with similar interests, that are all there for the same reason as you. Attending dance classes on a regular basis gets you out of the house, away from the television and breaks up the weekly routine.

Dance is the universal language, with so many styles and intricacies that have continued to fascinate people for generations. There are so many different styles of dance that draw people in and allow dancers to learn about cultures from around the world. If this has always been an interest of yours, rest assured, it is never too late in life to learn something new. Arthur Murray Dance Center has dance programs to accommodate all types of learners, as well as classes to entice any prospective learner. Visit our list of classes we offer at each of our locations and contact us today to register. We look forward to helping you reach your lifelong goal.