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The Best Ballroom Dances For Beginners

Posted by Arthur Murray Dance on Wed, Jan 7, 2015 @ 10:01 AM


Ballroom dancing is one of the most romantic activities there is. Ballroom dances can be slow and sweet, or fast and flirtatious. You might be surprised to know that ballroom dances can also be very easy to learn! If you think learning how to ballroom dance is out of the realm of possibility for you, think again!

At Arthur Murray Dance Center, we have formulated different programs for any given individual based on their skill level. We have also compiled a list of the top four ballroom dances for beginners.

  1. Paso Doble - The Paso Doble is the easiest ballroom dance to learn with its two basic steps. This dance has a Spanish flare to it, and the more theatrical you can be with the Paso Doble, the better.
  2. The Waltz - The Waltz is a slow and smooth dance which allows partners to glide across the dance floor. The dance has four basic steps, and your posture is everything when it comes to the Waltz.
  3. The Cha-Cha - The Cha-Cha has a Latin flare to it, and almost everyone is familiar with the “one, two, cha cha cha” phrase. The dance has five basic steps and the movements are all about the hip action.
  4. The Lindy Hop - The Lindy Hop is generally regarded as a type of swing dance, and it has six basic steps to follow. The dance also keeps in time with the music, making it easier to follow along with the counts for each move.

Once you’ve decided which ballroom dance best suits your style, call the Arthur Murray Dance Center to sign up for your ballroom dance lessons today!

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Impress Your Wedding Guests With Your First Dance!

Posted by Jessica Gladstone on Thu, Oct 2, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

A tradition at every wedding is the first dance for the bride and groom.Waltz Wedding Dance Lessons

Often times, this dance occurs right after dinner, when drinks are flowing and your guests are mingling with each other and having a good time. The lights will dim and the disc jockey will make the announcement that the formal dance is about to begin, catching your guests' attention and turning all eyes to the dance floor. But typically, your guests gaze on for a moment before continuing their conversations. So why not wow your guests with your first dance as a married couple and make it certain that you and your spouse are truly the center of attention for the entire night?

And better yet, while your finished routine will have the attention of your wedding guests, taking dance lessons as a future husband and wife in the weeks leading up to your wedding can also be a great bonding experience for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Wedding dances can be choreographed by your Arthur Murray dance instructor typically over a series of weeks.

While dance lessons at Arthur Murray DC studios are ideal for future spouses, they can also be a valuable bonding experience for any couple or individual looking for a fun activity to socialize and stay active. So whether it's the exclamation point you want to put on your first dance as a married couple or just an activity to get you out of the house and off the couch, ballroom dancing lessons are an ideal choice. It's exercise, it's fun, and it's a great way to learn something new. The waltz is just one example of the many different dance steps and routines that can be learned through a dance class at Arthur Murray DC studios.

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Your Wedding Reception: Choose the Right Song for Your First Dance

Posted by Cheryl Cortez on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Plan out all the steps to your first dance and wedding song!Wedding Dance Lessons

If you or or someone you know is planning a wedding, you're aware that there are many things to consider and remember to do. While booking the reception hall and choosing the perfect church, minister, caterer and florist are high on the list, there are also some fun and sentimental details you'll have to take care of as well.

One of these activities is choosing the perfect song for the first dance between the bride and groom. Hand in hand with this is the possibility of taking some dance lessons, specifically wedding dance lessons.

The song that a couple selects for their wedding first dance will likely be one that has strong sentimental value already.

It should be fairly easy to narrow down the song selection to the top two or three candidates. From there, play the songs together and look into your hearts. You'll find that you'll naturally gravitate toward the song that you both feel most deeply connected with. Consider years down the road -- which song will still capture the feeling you'll want to remember most about this new beginning, this new chapter in your life?

While you're selecting songs for your wedding, you might also want to consider looking into some wedding dance lessons. Why not make that first dance (and all the others) perfect in yours and everyone else's memory? Since you'll likely be preserving it on video, wedding dance lessons could help you make sure that first wedding dance unfolds as you'd like it to -- with grace and ease, in a way that you and your spouse will hold as a cherished memory.

Learn with a respected and trusted dance school like Arthur Murray DC if you're in the Washington DC area. We offer wedding dance lessons for your first dance and father/daughter wedding dance lessons. It could make all the difference in feeling confident and in-the-moment during your first wedding dance.

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How to Choose the Perfect Father/Daughter Wedding Dance

Posted by Cheryl Cortez on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 13:03 PM

How to Choose the Perfect Father Daughter Wedding Dance

So. Your daughter is getting married. Congratulations! Having a daughter get married can be a little traumatic. You are about to relinquish your spot as the #1 man in your daughter's life. And now there's a wedding to plan! And that means...a Father/Daughter dance in front of all of your friends and family!!

How do you pick the perfect dance for you and your daughter, to celebrate her special day? How do you learn the perfect dance?

This goes back to the basic "the chicken or the egg" question. Do you pick a song first, and then learn to dance to it, or do you take dance lessons and pick a song that works with the dance you do best? There is no "one size fits all answer". If your daughter has a sentimental attachment to a song, then bring it to your lessons. If not, then try dancing first, and get song recommendations from your instructor.

The most important thing is to start wedding dance lessons early! Having extra time to practice will help you feel more relaxed. And as the big day draws near, you will find yourselves becoming busier and making so many decisions, that having the dance down pat will be a big relief!

And best of all, dance lessons one-on-one with your daughter will give you some memorable time as the #1 man in her life, until you give her away.

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Do We Need Wedding Dance Lessons?

Posted by Cheryl Cortez on Wed, Mar 14, 2012 @ 12:03 PM

Do We Need Wedding Dance Lessons?

wedding dance lessonsIt's your wedding day. You have planned every detail. You have the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect vows, the perfect colors, the perfect videographer to record your first dance for a memory that will last for generations. You take the dance floor, your perfect song begins, and you have...

Two long minutes of "clutch and sway". Brides and grooms everywhere say that those two minutes seem like an eternity when you don't do anything but sway in a little circle.

Your perfect day should include the perfect dance to your song. Whether you want an elegant waltz, or to "move like Jagger", dance lessons from a professional instructor will give you a dance you want to be remembered.

Some tips to plan your wedding dance lessons:

  • Start early. Not only does it give you more time to practice (practice outings make a great date night!), as the big event draws near, you will find yourself with less time available to schedule lessons.  Being able to check dance lessons off of your "to-do" list will be a huge relief.
  • You don't have to pick a song before starting lessons. Many find it easier to find a dance they like and learn easily, then pick a song to match.
  • Dance lessons are not limited to the waltz and fox trot. If you want something less traditional, a professional instructor is the best person to help you develop a dance that suits your personality.
  • Practice dancing in clothing similar to what you will be wearing for The Big Day. You don't want to wait until all eyes are on you to find out that you can't glide backward in your wedding shoes! 

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