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Arthur Murray 30 Day Dance Challenge

Posted by Courtney Kent on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 19:07 PM
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Starting August 1st, Arthur Murray Studios from all over will be participating in the 30 Day Dance Challenge! Log in to Facebook daily for great tips from Arthur Murray coaches, competitive dancers and franchise owners to improve your dancing. Keep up with Arthur Murray DC to join the fun!
If you get a little behind, or want to go over the exercises more head over to our Youtube channel!

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Posted by Jessica Gladstone on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 17:12 PM


Only through some sort of regular excercise can we avoid having all those extra calories we consume convert to body fat. Instead of spending endless hours working on boring, monotonous exercise equipment, why not enjoy burning those extra calories while dancing in a pleasant atmosphere with pleasant people and great music!


Medical specialists tell us that long periods of inactivity can cause a decline in the heart's efficiency. A heart, which is accustomed to exercise, when forced into more vigorous activity (i.e. running upstairs to answer the phone, shoveling snow, playing an active sport, etc.) will be better able to handle the extra load. Your heart will pump blood throughout your body with much more efficiency when required to so frequently by a mild form of exercise such as dancing.


Do you know that our nerve cells govern our senses of sight, feel, hearing, smell and taste? They govern our memory, emotions, reasoning and motor reflexes too. Doctors have long recognized the beneficial effects of exercise on the psyche and nerve cells. Dancing aids in relieving stress and strain and couteracts nervous fatigue. If we are to think clearly, and make intelligent decisions in our everyday life. we must possess the kind of relaxed nervous system that can be provided by regular dancing!


Often we don't stop to reflect on the needs of our bodies until it is too late. Good circulation not only nourishes our muscles, giving us coordination as well as grace and poise, but though dancing wit does more to stimulate and improve the appearance of our skin than all of the massages and creams we can use.

As we grow older, it becomes a greater challenge to remain active so our minds and bodies will stay strong and fit. Dancing is a wonderful way to keep both mind and body active, and the amount of energy you want to devote to it is entirely up to you!


One of the beautiful things about social dancing is the way it works muscles that would otherwise not get very much use in a normal day. Firmer underarms/triceps will result when the arms are held up and used. Sounds like dance position and arm styling might make you look good in more ways than one.

As for the legs, most people have fairly solid muscle tone on the front of their legs. If you want to firm up the back of the thigh and lower buttocks, you have to use them. Swing the leg back from the hip in a slow Fox Trot could help tone this area.

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Happy Anniversary, Arthur Murray Dance Studios!

Posted by Cheryl Cortez on Wed, Apr 4, 2012 @ 14:04 PM

describe the imageHappy Birthday, Arthur Murray!

2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the year Arthur Murray opened his first studio, and started teaching the world to dance. Arthur Murray was a brilliant marketer and innovator, whose accomplishments included the first live broadcast of music for dancing, transmitted via radio waves from Georgia Tech to a rooftop party in downtown Atlanta.

Continuing the tradition of using innovative technology for dance, Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios around the world will be sending a live webcast of their dance parties on April 4, Arthur Murray's birthday!

The webcast can be seen at Arthur Murray DC studios will be having parties and broadcasting during the hours of 7:45pm to 10:00pm, EDT.

"Arthur Murray always looked for new ways to reach people and saw the vast possibilities of mass media," said John Kimmins, President of Arthur Murray International. "Fueled by a passion for sharing his love of dance, Murray embraced the latest in technology and media to bring joy to millions."

As a student in college, Arthur developed and marketed the idea of selling dance lessons one footstep at a time by mail. During the 1920s, he arranged for the first live radio broadcast of dance music, with the help of a group of young engineering students from Georgia Tech, bringing live music to a rooftop party in downtown Atlanta.

When steamship cruises became popular, Arthur made sure that every first-class steamship cruise included dance teachers from his studios. When travelers returned home, they wanted to continue their dance lessons, and relied on the familiar brand name to continue with their dance lessons.

In the 1950s, Arthur embraced television, still in its infancy, creating the Arthur Murray Dance Party television show. The show was huge success, and ran for 10 years on national television. Many of the Arthur Murray Dance Party shows paired celebrities of the time with Arthur Murray dance instructors, as dance contestants. The pairs were judged by professionals and the TV audience.

Please join all of us in the Arthur Murray DC studios in honoring Arthur's legacy. Happy Birthday Arthur Murray!

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