1. Latin Dance Styles We Love

    The Different Types of Spanish Dancing and Why They’re Unique Imagine you’re in Seville, Spain, sitting in chair surrounding a raised platform. You’re sipping some sweet Sangria, the room is warm and lit up by dimmed red and pink lights. Suddenly, a woman wearing a long, ruffled dress steps on…Read More

  2. Dancing as an Adult

    Reasons to Consider Dancing if You’re Older Perhaps you were the star of your dance studio during the primary years of your life, but after graduating high school, your dancing habits dwindled as life became busier. Perhaps you never danced at a studio at all, but always longed to be twirling on t…Read More

  3. Join Our Dance Studio

    With shows like Dancing With The Stars, and YouTube videos of flash mob dances, and coordinated dances at weddings, the popularity and demand for dance lessons has increased quite a bit. Learning to dance isn’t just for those in the media though. Dancing is meant for everyone in the world. Dance i…Read More