1. How to Get Up the Courage to Dance

    We have all seen those people. The ones who light up the room, who know exactly how to move, and exactly how to dance. Their confidence exudes across the dance floor, and even if they aren’t doing windmills or flips, their grace and poise is visible. We’ve also seen the other brand of people, an…Read More

  2. Celebrate With Dance For Your Anniversary

    If you and your spouse are celebrating a milestone anniversary in the near future, you’ll want to do something special to commemorate the day. Aside from planning a fantastic anniversary party, dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Center are the perfect choice for your anniversary celebration. If …Read More

  3. Dance Wellness Part II

      Welcome back! In our last blog, we talked about the importance of integrating wellness into your dance lessons and regimen. More specifically, we addressed the importance of bone health, and how to attain strong bones for dancing. With that said, we are now going to address muscle strength, a…Read More

  4. Dance Wellness

    Becoming a dancer is a lot of work. Not only does it require an effort in the studio, it requires just as much, if not more work and effort outside of the studio. In our last blog, we talked about the top ten ways to take care of your dancer’s body. In this blog, we will go into further detail as …Read More

  5. Top 10 Body Care Tips For Dancing

    Dancing, while a fun and wonderful physical activity, it can be grueling on your body. When taking dance lessons, whether for hobby, for fun, or for profession, it is vital that you’re taking care of your body. There are things you can do for yourself, both inside the studio, and out. Here are som…Read More

  6. What Makes Arthur Murray Dance Center Special

    When searching for a dance studio to take dance lessons at, you’ll come across multiple options. While all your options might be great, they aren’t special like Arthur Murray Dance Center. When you work with our dance studio, you get more than a dance lesson, you get an entire experience. Our te…Read More

  7. Dance Tips: What To Bring

    You recently started thinking about taking up a new hobby. You thought painting seemed like a good idea, that is until it got expensive and messy. You also wanted to start a hobby that get’s you up and moving. A perfect solution to that is taking up the art of dance. Not only is it a wonderful hob…Read More

  8. Dance Is Therapy

    As we go through the days of our lives, we come across many things that can cause us grief, stress, and overall unhappiness. While it may seem like the norm to be unhappy, we believe it absolutely is not. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and you have to find your own way of enjoying every mom…Read More

  9. Wedding Season Is Coming, It’s Time To Dance!

      Wedding season is right around the corner, which means tons of dancing will ensue. Whether you’re attending the wedding, or in the wedding, you’re going to have to dance. Instead of embarrassing yourself when you’re out on the dance floor, why not take some dance classes, and impress th…Read More

  10. Join Our Dance Studio

    With shows like Dancing With The Stars, and YouTube videos of flash mob dances, and coordinated dances at weddings, the popularity and demand for dance lessons has increased quite a bit. Learning to dance isn’t just for those in the media though. Dancing is meant for everyone in the world. Dance i…Read More