1. Forms of Spanish Inspired Dance

    Dancing is a universal language that celebrates unique cultures in their respective countries. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers in DC, we offer a full range of dance styles that claimed their fame in countries like Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Poland, England, and Cuba. These famous dance styles hav…Read More

  2. How Dance Lessons Can Improve Your Relationship

    Have you and your partner fallen into a bit of a rut? Have you noticed that the romantic sparks aren’t flying as high as they used to? Sadly, it happens all too often to spouses and couples from all different types of backgrounds. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that’s the way it …Read More

  3. Latin Dance Styles We Love

    The Different Types of Spanish Dancing and Why They’re Unique Imagine you’re in Seville, Spain, sitting in chair surrounding a raised platform. You’re sipping some sweet Sangria, the room is warm and lit up by dimmed red and pink lights. Suddenly, a woman wearing a long, ruffled dress steps on…Read More

  4. Dancing as an Adult

    Reasons to Consider Dancing if You’re Older Perhaps you were the star of your dance studio during the primary years of your life, but after graduating high school, your dancing habits dwindled as life became busier. Perhaps you never danced at a studio at all, but always longed to be twirling on t…Read More

  5. Which Dance Class is Best for You?

    At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we offer more than 20 dance classes for you to choose from, ranging from the bolero to country western, to Viennese waltz and more. With so many dance classes to try out, it can be tricky to pick one to attend. And while we think you should try them all, it’s a grea…Read More

  6. Dance History: The Polka

    Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer an incredible array of dance classes. From the rumba to the cha cha and more, there is a dance class for every person and every dance style. We offer ballroom dance classes for weddings, country western classes for fun, and everything in between. In today’s blog, …Read More

  7. How to Get Up the Courage to Dance

    We have all seen those people. The ones who light up the room, who know exactly how to move, and exactly how to dance. Their confidence exudes across the dance floor, and even if they aren’t doing windmills or flips, their grace and poise is visible. We’ve also seen the other brand of people, an…Read More

  8. All About Country Western Dances

    If you’ve been considering taking dance classes but don’t know where to start, and you’ve found this blog, you are well on your way! We are Arthur Murray Dance Centers, and we have seven conveniently located dance studios around the D.C. area. Arthur Murray Dance Centers have been teaching peo…Read More

  9. What Counts as “Ballroom” Dance?

      If you tell someone you are interested in taking ballroom dancing, they might have a very definite idea of what type of dance you are talking about. And if you ask someone what ballroom dance is, you could get very different answers, depending on a person’s level of familiarity with this ac…Read More

  10. Thoughts About Your Wedding Dance

    As you take a moment from the hustle and bustle of your wedding planning and are thinking about your wedding dance, you may wonder what the meaning behind the dance is and how to actually make it happen. We have some thought to share with your about the history of dance how the finer points of plann…Read More