What is Polka Dancing?

Polka is a dance that originated in Europe in the 1800s. Its popularity quickly spread across that continent and across North America. There are many different variations of polka depending on where you are, including several US varieties. Made up of short half-steps, the polka influenced many other styles of dance, including two-step and ragtime.

Polka is an incredibly fun dance for partners because the tempos are generally brisk without being overwhelming, and the variety of moves allows for many different ways to express yourself.

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Third, we have locations in Maryland and Virginia, so you’re never far away from one of our dance studios.

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Polka dance was brought to the public eye in the year 1844.

This age old dance is said to be created by a Bohemian girl. In all of it’s boisterous charm, the basic steps to the Polka consist of hops and chasses, with one to the left and one to the right. Polka is one of the more popular dance styles in the country.

If learning the Polka sounds like something that you would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to sign up for dance lessons at our dance studio. The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Company are trained and passionate about sharing the art of dance with the world. Contact us today to get signed up for classes.