The 1940’s was a time of fascination with the Latin culture.

Latin American rhythms had people movin’ and shakin’ all across the U.S. 1944 marked the beginning of the Rumba taking on a new style, with the addition of improvisation in the mix. The Mambo fuses rhythms of Latin America, with the rhythms of American Jazz. Mambo music is an exciting dance to learn for all types, from beginners to experts. This is because the music is written in 4/4 time and is divided by placing accents on the first and third beats in each measure. The fun thing about the Mambo is that it can be enjoyed and danced to at many different tempos.

If the mambo sounds like a dance that you would love to learn, come down to our dance studio and sign up for our Mambo dance classes. Arthur Murray Dance Centers has professional trained dance instructors that can get you started with the Mambo. Contact us if you would like to sign up for dance lessons at Arthur Murray.