Arthur Murray Dance Studio

9176 Red Branch Rd
Suite H

Columbia, MD 21045

P: 410-772-7880

Business Hours

  1. Tuesday - Friday
    1. 1:00pm – 10:00pm
  2. Saturday
    1. 10:15am – 4:45am

Whether you’re wanting to learn to dance in one style, or multiple, Arthur Murray Dance Centers has the trained professionals to help you get started. We can teach you anything from the Rumba, to the Waltz. At our dance studio in Columbia, we offer dance classes for all ages and all skills levels. Whether you’re looking to learn one particular dance style just for fun, or looking to take wedding dance lessons in preparation for your big day, our dance instructors are prepared to teach you.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Columbia strive to provide our clients with the full experience. Our goal is to have you dancing like with passion in your heart, and feet! Let the dance instructors at Arthur Murray teach you dance lessons that you can hang on to for life. We promise you’ll come out of our dance classes full of life and rhythm. Don’t hesitate any longer to bring out your inner dancer.

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