As we go through the days of our lives, we come across many things that can cause us grief, stress, and overall unhappiness. While it may seem like the norm to be unhappy, we believe it absolutely is not. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and you have to find your own way of enjoying every moment of it. One of the best ways to combat everyday stress, is by dancing. Not only is dancing fun, but it’s good for your body, and your soul. Why else is dancing a great way to destress?

  • Movement – Moving your body makes your body happy, and healthy. Exercise can get to be a daunting chore, but when you get to move your body through the art of dance, you experience a level of freedom that you can’t get from your everyday workout.
  • Heart Health – Heart Disease is one of the top killers in the United States, and a lot of our heart health problems come from the levels of stress that we reach on a day to day basis. According to Ross Brakeville, he stated on WebMD that dancing can improve your heart health. It comes as no surprise, as dancing is not only a form of cardio, but it’s a form of expression. When you get to express yourself, your heart feels joy.


When it comes to dance as a therapy, there are many ways you can use dance to free your body, mind and soul from the stresses of everyday life. Take on learning to dance with dance lessons or dance classes at your Top Rated Local® Dance Studio, and start your therapy today!