Have you and your partner fallen into a bit of a rut? Have you noticed that the romantic sparks aren’t flying as high as they used to? Sadly, it happens all too often to spouses and couples from all different types of backgrounds. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be. Many couples simply get caught up in their daily routines, and before they know it, sparks no longer fly as high as they used to. Over time, the fading spark can cause strain on a relationship causing both individuals to disconnect. Before you begin to fear the worst, perhaps trying something together will reignite the flame and encourage spontaneity in the relationship.

Many couples come to Arthur Murray and sign up for adult dance lessons to reconnect and learn something new together. Aside from the mental and physical health benefits that adults gain through dance classes, studies have shown that couples that learn something new together can drastically improve their relationship. If you are still on the fence whether you would benefit from ballroom dance classes, read further to learn about the incredible benefits.

Get Close

If you have never seen ballroom dancing, be advised that it is an extremely intimate activity. It is rare that dance partners are not touching during a routine, so it’s important to be comfortable getting physically close to one another. That’s not the only way you can expect to get closer to your partner—dancing together requires the both of you to think together and move together. A couple that is mentally strong can face anything head on and the rest of the relationship comes so much easier.

Bonding Time

Couples who have been together for a long time would likely agree that date nights become repetitive, or worse, don’t happen at all. Watching TV and sitting in the same room doesn’t count as a quality date night. And if you still make date night a priority, but you’re tired of the same dinner and a movie routine, consider dance lessons. Arthur Murray loves when couples join us and jump in to learn something new together. Any anxious nerves you might have are put more at ease when your partner is right there with you. It’s okay to let your guard down, laugh a little, but most of all enjoy your time together to rekindle your relationship.

Communication is Key

Sure, you already know that the key to a solid relationship that is built on unconditional love and trust, is to communicate. It’s okay to admit that you might have lost sight of how effective communication can be, it happens. Couples need to be on the same page, (maybe not on every nit-picky detail) but as far as the important things in a relationship, each person should see eye-to-eye. One of the best things about taking dance lessons as a couple is dance partners rely on communicating verbally and nonverbally to move throughout the dance floor. This is a rare communication skill that couples develop, and it can also benefit other aspects of the relationship, outside of the dance studio.

Learn About Each Other

New experiences that couples share together is important for relationships. After a while, it becomes more and more difficult to find new activities to do together. When you enroll in adult dance lessons together, without any dance background, this will certainly present a few challenges. Learning new things will bring out some personality traits that are not usually brought to light. In some cases, learning moves that may feel unnatural initially can cause frustration, confusion, and impatience. That’s normal. But this creates an obstacle now that the couple can work on together to overcome. We’ve also seen occurrences where someone has become overjoyed at the surprise in their abilities. You never know what you can do, until you try, right? Either way, you can expect a few surprises learning ballroom dance with your significant other.

Relationships are truly something special, and even more special when you’re with someone you truly care about. Many couples have moments where each person struggles to keep the relationship interesting and fun. Routine is good, but maybe all your relationship needs is a minor adjustment to the routine. By simply scheduling you and your spouse in adult dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Center, your relationship is already on the up-and-up.

Contact Arthur Murray Dance Center and begin learning something new with your significant other today!