As you take a moment from the hustle and bustle of your wedding planning and are thinking about your wedding dance, you may wonder what the meaning behind the dance is and how to actually make it happen. We have some thought to share with your about the history of dance how the finer points of planning it. We’ll cover these topics in this blog from your go-to dance lesson dance studio. We are Arthur Murray and we have seven locations in the DC area for you to choose from. Call us today to get started on your wedding dance lessons.

Put Your Dance into Context

If you decide to have the first dance of your wedding reception be the dance you and your new partner lead, you will be participating in an old tradition, albeit a changing one. The tradition is said to have begun with formal balls at which royalty or high ranking aristocracy was present. The highest ranking couple would begin to dance, or “open the ball” and others would join in as the first song played on. According to a 1922 Emily Post Guide to Etiquette, it is specified that the newly-married couple should not begin to dance before guests did so. Emily Post said that the couple should be sure to dance with each other before switching partners. The dance that couples dance to has also changed over time. According to Wikipedia, in 17th century France it was the minuet, in Victorian era Britain it was the quadrille and in the 19th century Russia it was the Polonaise.

Modern Tradition

The phrase “modern tradition” might seem like an oxymoron. Modern means it’s new and fits into modern times and traditional means reaching back into time to do as others have done before yours. You can take part of the old tradition and make it completely your own, just as others have done before you.  In this quest, Arthur Murray Dance Studios can be your ally! We can help you make the decisions that need to be made. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at some of the choices you face when planning your wedding dance. Our dance lessons will help you be prepared for your big day.

The Song

We can help you pick a song and help you learn a dance that will be a memorable way to open the dance portion of your wedding reception while also being a special moment for the two of you. It’s a way of demonstrating the tone of your wedding and your marriage. Here are a few of the things to consider when choosing your song.

The Length

  • Don’t pick a super long song. Three minutes may not seem long right now, but when you are working on a choreographed dance, it can seem long.
  • You can have the song cut down by the DJ or band, or plan on your dance being featured for just a portion of the song. Discuss this with your Arthur Murray dance instructor.

The Lyrics AND the Beat

  • Remember to consider both aspects when picking out your song. If you love a particular beat, be sure to look up the lyrics and make sure they capture the sentiment you want to relay.
  • If you love the lyrics on a hip-hop song but want to dance the Waltz, well, you might consider another song. When you start your Arthur Murray dance lessons, your experienced instructor will be able to offer some important advice about song choice.

The Dance

  • When you sign up for Arthur Murray dance lessons, your instructor will help you pick out a dance. If you have an idea of what you want, they will help you get specific. One thing you need to work out with your wedding planner and your family is the timing of the dance.
  • Most people have it right after the meal is over, as a signal that the fun part of the reception has begun. Be sure to not drink too much wine with your meal so you can remember your dance steps.
  • After the choreographed part of your dance, you may wish to dance with your partner a few minutes to relax before the father of the bride cuts in. When he does, the groom will dance with the mother of the bride. If there are any out-of-the-ordinary family dynamics, get them sorted out ahead of time, so no one has their feelings hurt.

Make your wedding dance an expression of your love and use it set the reception off on a great foot. Arthur Murray Dance lessons can help you get the dance just how you want, be it slow and romantic or fast paced and fun. You can even combine the two and shift in the middle of the dance to surprise your guests! Call one of the DC area’s seven Arthur Murray locations and get started on your dance lessons today!