With shows like Dancing With The Stars, and YouTube videos of flash mob dances, and coordinated dances at weddings, the popularity and demand for dance lessons has increased quite a bit. Learning to dance isn’t just for those in the media though. Dancing is meant for everyone in the world. Dance is one way of connecting with cultures and beliefs, as many dances originated from specific countries as a tradition with in their celebrations. The art of dance is beautiful for many reasons, which is why you should learn to dance. What are those reasons you ask?

  • Culture – As we stated before, dance comes from a place of culture, for example the Tango originated from Gauchos in Argentina. It soon became a popular dance in the United States. Another example of dance in culture is the roll our dance studio, Arthur Murray Dance Centers, has played in American Culture.
  • Exercise – Dancing takes some serious physical effort. In fact, dancing has become so popular as a physical fitness source that they’ve created programs like Zumba.
  • Skill – Knowing how to ballroom dance is not only fun, but it adds to the person you are. If you’re a dancer, you can also consider yourself an artist, making you a well rounded person.

If you’re looking to learn to dance, or want an activity to be involved in every week, we recommend taking dance lessons. We can teach you the Tango dance, the Lindy Hop dance, or just about any other dance style you can think of. Contact the dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Centers to get signed up for dance classes.