Dance is an important part of life. People have been dancing for centuries as part of cultural traditions and for different celebratory events. Dance is so important in fact, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) was formed as a “World Organization for the Performing Arts.” In 1982, the ITI made International Dance Day an event to celebrate every year on the 29th of April.

At Arthur Murray Dance Center, we want to celebrate dance every day. We encourage people to sign up for dance classes and to engage with their creative side in order to join in the long-standing expressive art form that is dance.

If you’re wondering how you can celebrate International Dance Day this year, we have some suggestions for you.

  • Engage with your friends and family. Ask your loved ones if they know of any traditional dances from their background or heritage, and then ask them to teach you!
  • Engage with your community. Find local gatherings that your community could be holding to gather people together to dance! These often include large outdoor dance classes.
  • Engage with your body. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to get up and move on International Dance Day. Even a dance party while you’re getting ready in the morning will help to get you into the spirit of the day.

Arthur Murray Dance Center wants to see everyone take the initiative and get into the swing of things by learning how to dance. If you’re wanting to improve your skill level, sign up for one of our dance classes today!