Dancing, while a fun and wonderful physical activity, it can be grueling on your body. When taking dance lessons, whether for hobby, for fun, or for profession, it is vital that you’re taking care of your body. There are things you can do for yourself, both inside the studio, and out. Here are some things you should be doing, to ensure a healthy body while taking dance lessons.


  1. Stretch – It’s important that you do this both before, and after your dance classes or lessons. Dancing can be a workout, so you need to stretch your muscles in preparation for this. It will also help you to avoid injury.
  2. Warm Up – Dance classes tend to start with a bit of a warm up. But if you know that your body has a difficult time adjusting and getting ready for physical activity, give yourself time to warm up for the class.
  3. Hydrate – Just as we’ve said before, dance lessons are quite the workout. You’ll be moving your body just as you would with any type of cardio workout, so it’s important that you’re treating it as such, and hydrate as though you were going for a run.
  4. Ice – If you’re just beginning to dance for the first time, it can come as a surprise that your body will be sore in places. One of those places is actually your toes. With the steps that you take, and the shoes that you’re wearing, your toes can end up hurting quite a bit. Simply ice and heat them to keep the pain from persisting.
  5. Practice – Practicing on your own helps you to learn the moves faster, but it also helps your body gain the muscle memory and strength that it needs to get through your dance classes with ease.
  6. Eat Healthy – Keeping a healthy diet makes your body much more receptive to physical activity. When you have a healthy body, you recover quicker, and you’ll have the longevity to get through your dance lessons well.
  7. Exercise – While dancing is a great way to get in shape, if you’re not dancing everyday, it won’t be enough. Do leg workouts that are specific to the muscle groups you’ll be using in your dance lessons, so you can avoid soreness, and have better precision in your steps.
  8. Rest – Giving your body enough down time to recover is just as important as staying active. Give your body a break every now and then.
  9. Strengthen Your Core – Dancing is heavily dependant on your core. Every turn and step requires core engagement, so work to get those muscle groups up to par.
  10. Work On Your Posture Everyday – Ballroom dancing require your posture to be strong and straight. Keeping this posture throughout your day is not only beneficial to your back, but it’s helpful to your dancing as well.

If you’re currently taking dance lessons, we highly encourage you to add these physical care efforts to your regimen. It will help you progress well in your dance classes, as well as keep you healthy, and when you combine these health care aspects with your physical efforts, you could even see a change in your physique. Commit fully to your dance lessons, and you’ll be elated with the results.