Have you always harbored the desire to know how to dance? If you have always dreamed of gliding around a dance floor but have never signed up for classes, we invite you to follow your heart and sign up for classes. There are lots of reason that people don’t follow their heart’s desires: your kids or job demanded all your time, you didn’t live near a good dance studio, and one we hear frequently: you’ve never had a partner who would dance with you. Arthur Murray Dance Centers know there are lots of reasons that people have not taken lessons, even when they’ve always wanted to. In this week’s blog article, we are going to address the reason that holds many people back, and that is that their partner is not interested in learning to dance.


We don’t want anyone to think we want anyone tricked into accompanying their partner to dance class or that anyone should be manipulated into doing anything they don’t want to do. However, we have seen reluctant partners come to classes and come to love it. Sometimes it’s a matter of them giving themselves permission to enjoy it, and in a safe place like Arthur Murray Dance Centers, everyone has permission to enjoy getting up and dancing. We know that it can be hard for some people, especially people who feel they are uncoordinated, but over the years, Arthur Murray has developed a method where anyone can learn to dance. Now, all this being said, we are going to offer some tips to help you convince your partner that they should give dance lessons a try.

Make a Deal!

Is there something your partner has always wanted you to try but that you have balked at? Perhaps your husband wants you to go fly fishing with him, or maybe your girlfriend wants you to take to dog agility lessons with her and your dog. Try to strike a deal where you will agree to do what they want for six months if they will take ballroom dance lessons with you for the period.

Take it Slow!

What if your partner is afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of people or that they are so clumsy they’ll fall over themselves? Or maybe your partner is an introvert who doesn’t want to be in a room of strangers. If this is the case, call us and ask about private lessons. We will do what we can to accommodate you and your partner and make you both feel comfortable.

Dance Night Choice

Lots of couples take turns choosing a night of activities for a regular date night. It could be easy to have your date night be a tango lesson followed by tapas and drinks. A night of dance that is known for raising temperatures could be the beginning of a night of heat. If the night is an enjoyable you both, your partner will be more likely to do it regularly.

Give Permission

If it is your male partner who is struggling with not wanting to take dance lessons, he be suffering from bad case of the “machismos”. American culture has a narrow definition of masculinity, and if your man has fallen victim to this cultural construct, there are ways around it and to get him to dance. Try a dance such Salsa, Merengue, or the Tango where the man has very masculine moves. If he gets comfortable with these, you can try to get him to try others.

The Exercise Angle

Dancing is great exercise. It increases your cardiovascular health, your flexibility, your agility, and your endurance. Depending on what dance your are dancing and your level of activity, you could burn 500 calories during a lesson that lasts one hour and 25 minutes. Dancing also lowers your blood pressure, and is a weight-bearing exercise so it’s good for your bones. The natural consequences are that you could lose weight and you boost your mood from all the endorphins.

Dancing as Couples Therapy

If you and your partner are in the beginning phases of a relationship, or maybe you’ve been together for decades and need to hit the reset button, dance lessons can be a great way to kindle or rekindle the romance. Taking ballroom dance lessons together gives you a chance to work toward a common goal and be in close quarters with each other. For new relationships, this can be a great way to get to know your new flame better and in a new way. Sometimes, this can mean discovering that you two are not actually a good fit but everyone would agree that finding out in dance lessons is far better than finding out after a wedding. For long-term relationships, this can be a chance to remember why you fell in love with your loved one and fall all over again. You can spend time together without kids or chores and just enjoy an activity together. If you both love dancing, it can become a big part of your life, bringing travels and new friends into your life.

Dance Movies

Watch some films that feature ballroom dancing to see if any of them get him or her interested. Try Shall We Dance, with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, or Simply Ballroom, a quirky Australian film directed by Baz Luhrmann, or Dirty Dancing. Or, if you are interested in country estern dancing, wathc Urban Cowboy. Of course, there are also reality shows So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars. If your partner sees others trying, making mistakes, and still ending up looking great, maybe they will give it a whirl!

If all else fails….

If your partner really doesn’t budge on the issue, it could be time for your to take your fun into your own hands and pursue your desires regardless of whether they will join you. You don’t need to come to dance lessons. There are many people who come on their own and find dance partners with whom they can learn and upon whom they can depend. You never know—maybe your partner will join you when they realize what great shape you are getting into and how much fun you are having!

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