You recently started thinking about taking up a new hobby. You thought painting seemed like a good idea, that is until it got expensive and messy. You also wanted to start a hobby that get’s you up and moving. A perfect solution to that is taking up the art of dance. Not only is it a wonderful hobby that engulfs you in culture, but it’s also a great way to get your body moving around as well. But before diving into your dance lessons, it’s important to prepare yourself. Here are some tips to prepare for your dance classes.

What should I bring to my dance lessons?

  1. Good Shoes – This is absolutely vital. Not wearing the right shoes can result in a less than desirable experience. Not only that, you also risk injury of your ankles or even your knees.
  2. Athletic Attire – Because dancing is so physical, it ends up being quite the workout. It’s best to wear light clothing that you can move freely in, and can feel okay sweating in.
  3. Water – If you treat your dance lesson like a workout, it’s important to bring water with you to stay hydrated during your time in the dance studio.
  4. An Open Mind – Trying new things can be intimidating. This is especially true for dancing. It takes courage and a lot of practice, so keep your mind open to the learning process.
  5. A good attitude – If dance lessons are your first stab at becoming a dancer, then give yourself the room to grow, and have a good attitude in the process.

If you’re interested in taking dance lessons, whether it’s for an event like a wedding, or simply for the sake of learning something new, talk to the dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Center to get started on learning the art of dance!