In our last blog, we covered some basics of grooming norms for ballroom competition, including eyebrows, tans, and hair. Makeup is a key part of the ballroom look, but we are going to save that for it’s own blog, next week. We saved make up for this week since it deserves its own blog. Students at Arthur Murray Dance Studio who participate in ballroom dance classes sometimes have the goal of entering (and winning) ballroom competition, and so have to learn the basics around ballroom grooming. Ballroom culture is somewhat a world of it’s own, and it’s the world that loves dramatic looks.

Theatrical makeup is part of the dramatic look that ballroom embraces and we recommend you have fun with it, even if it’s not something you’ve experimented with before. That’s one of the fun things about ballroom dance: you get to transform yourself into a performer, and entertainer and the look is part of the show. The best thing you can do is to have fun with it.

Pursue Healthy Skin

  • Taking care of your skin will help any makeup look its best. Moisturizing, exfoliating and making sure you are hydrated will help your skin be a canvas for your dramatic look.

Make Up a Persona

  • We could write one thousand blogs on how to put on make up for ballrooms dancing but, honestly, the best thing to do is to watch youtube video *showing* you how to do it. We will, however, say that it is important to pay attention to your makeup and invest your time and money into creating a look that you love. And that’s really the key word, “create!” This is a chance to get creative and invent a character for your performance.

Pick a Theme

  • Pick a theme that matches your dance. You can go dark and dramatic, bold and theatrical, soft and seductive, or colorful and full of sparkle. Pick a combination of styles that match you and your dance and play with them to prepare the look you want to take to competition. You’ll want your makeup to coordinate (but not necessarily match) your costume, so your costume choice and your makeup look should go hand in hand. These choices, of course, must me made in collaboration with your dance partner.

Partner Makeup

  • Both men and women wear makeup in ballroom competition. Men use foundation and contouring and some subtle eye makeup to accentuate the eyes. The looks that both partner use need to work together and so should be agreed upon by both dancers, but they should also both be open to being bold and experimenting with fun characters, this is part of the fun.

Personal Hygiene

  • It won’t take you very long into your first dance competition to realize that some people forget about this category. We are talking about body odor. You are going to be exerting yourself to the point of sweating and you don’t want to end up smelling. Your dance partner and those around you will be grateful if you smell great. Buy the strongest deodorant you can find and use it. In fact, you can reapply it through the day. Between dances, use wet wipes to wash your armpits and re-apply the deodorant. Avoid strong perfumes since many people are sensitive to those. Don’t forget to properly care for your shoes and costume as well. Invest in some quality shoe deodorizer and launder your costume as it permits.

We hope we’ve given you some basics to start from and that you have a great, successful time at your next dance competition. For more information about dance classes at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in the D.C. area, call us today. We have seven studios in the D.C. metro area.