If you’ve been considering taking dance classes but don’t know where to start, and you’ve found this blog, you are well on your way! We are Arthur Murray Dance Centers, and we have seven conveniently located dance studios around the D.C. area. Arthur Murray Dance Centers have been teaching people to dance since the 1920s, and we’ve developed a method of teaching all types of dance in a way that people learn quickly and keep coming back for more. Our reputation as the place to learn to dance has been earned with years of dedication. If you are wondering what type of dance, we have the information you need. To learn about the four types of country and western dance we teach, keep reading.

A Word about all Country Western Dances

One of the main reasons that Country Western dances are perennially popular is that they are what is known as social dances, which are dances are that have a social context. Think of a barn raising or hoedown. The get-together functions to bring a widespread community to come together for fun. The goal of these dances is participation, and not performance or for someone to judge anyone.

Country Western Swing

Western Swing dance originated in the 1920s and the music that accompanies it can be seen as an outgrowth of jazz. The use of a full orchestra and often features a steel guitar and fiddles.  This dance is marked by good posture, controlled twirls and spins, and hand and arm connections.

Country Western Two-Step

Also simply called the two step, this type of dance is performed to guitar and fiddle music with a two-four time. The basis of the two-step dance is two quick steps and two slower steps. It’s a great dance for beginners who want to get out on the dance floor for some fun while they are learning more dances.

Country Western Waltz

This dance is set to three-four time and is similar to the ballroom dance in that the couple moves smoothly across the floor together while incorporating some playful spins. The Country Waltz is slower than the Western Swing dances and is more romantic. This is a great dance for couples who love country music to learn together.

Country Western Shuffle

This dance is characterized by a back and forth motion and often takes three steps every two beats. It’s very much like the polka, but less uses less hopping. The dance is made up of a triple step to the left, followed by the same triple step to the right. The country western shuffle is also referred to as the “Double Two-step,” or the “traveling swing” because it combines east coast swing with the two-step.

There are lots of reasons to learn Country Western Dancing and, echoing the fact that these are social dances, they are rooted in fun. Learning to dance with your partner can be lots of fun and a great way to bond. When you want to go for an evening of fun, going dancing is suddenly an option, and it’s time to call your friends and go out! It all starts with dance lessons from Arthur Murray. Call today and find out which location suits you best.