The two-step is a deceptively simple dance. While it may appear to be rather rudimentary, it is as complex and difficult to master as many other styles of dance. When you’re ready to impress your friends or your partner the next time you go to your favorite country bar, you need to get to a nearby Arthur Murray Dance Center to learn how to two-step like a pro!

All of our dance classes are taught by incredibly skilled and talented dancers who love to teach others how to move. Whether you want to become a two-step hero or you want to learn to swing dance, waltz, or tango, we have classes that will teach you how to do it.

We have different class levels, so if you’re an absolute beginner, you won’t be standing off to the side watching already-skilled dancers, and if you already know how to dance, you won’t feel like you’re relearning steps you committed to memory years ago.

Contact us today for more information about our two-step classes. Your first lesson is free, because we want you to see how our classes work. When you’re ready to sign up, give the Arthur Murray Dance Center closest to you a call! We look forward to teaching you how to dance!

Take a two-step into the most popular of country western dances.

The country western two-step was originally a style of the Foxtrot and is now a dance that is unpolished and remnant of contemporary music.

This fun dance style will both challenge you, and entertain you, as you learn to be concise with your movements, for a dance that has no bounds. The Country Western Two-Step is a difficult dance, but not impossible to learn.

If you want to learn to two-step come join our dance classes at Arthur Murray Dance Centers. Our dance lessons are directed by trained dance instructors so come on down and get signed up today.