1. couple dancing

    Glossary of Ballroom and Latin Dance Terms

    At Arthur Murray Dance Center in Washington, D.C., we believe that anyone can dance, no matter your age, fitness level, or experience. Whether you’re looking to join the competitive ballroom dancing scene in D.C., or you simply want to enjoy some quality time with your partner, Arthur Murray Dance…Read More

  2. Forms of Spanish Inspired Dance

    Dancing is a universal language that celebrates unique cultures in their respective countries. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers in DC, we offer a full range of dance styles that claimed their fame in countries like Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Poland, England, and Cuba. These famous dance styles hav…Read More

  3. How Dance Lessons Can Improve Your Relationship

    Have you and your partner fallen into a bit of a rut? Have you noticed that the romantic sparks aren’t flying as high as they used to? Sadly, it happens all too often to spouses and couples from all different types of backgrounds. But just because it’s common, doesn’t mean that’s the way it …Read More

  4. Dance History: The Polka

    Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer an incredible array of dance classes. From the rumba to the cha cha and more, there is a dance class for every person and every dance style. We offer ballroom dance classes for weddings, country western classes for fun, and everything in between. In today’s blog, …Read More