1. What Counts as “Ballroom” Dance?

      If you tell someone you are interested in taking ballroom dancing, they might have a very definite idea of what type of dance you are talking about. And if you ask someone what ballroom dance is, you could get very different answers, depending on a person’s level of familiarity with this ac…Read More

  2. Thoughts About Your Wedding Dance

    As you take a moment from the hustle and bustle of your wedding planning and are thinking about your wedding dance, you may wonder what the meaning behind the dance is and how to actually make it happen. We have some thought to share with your about the history of dance how the finer points of plann…Read More

  3. Wedding Dance Planning Details

    Planning your wedding may be the biggest event you plan in your life. There are so many moving parts that some days it’s hard to remember that it’s supposed to be about joy and love. Scheduling and rescheduling meetings, tours, tastings, fittings, shopping, and interviews can be stressful. If on…Read More

  4. Dance Lessons and Your Wedding

    Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. For most aspects of the wedding, all eyes will be on you and that can be nerve racking. What’s also nerve racking is trying to plan everything so that it’s all perfectly in line for when the big day arrives. And of the many things that yo…Read More

  5. Dance Classes: Avoid Injuries with Proper Warm Ups

    Regardless if you have been dancing for years, or you are in the middle of your first series of dance classes, prevention of injuries is an important aspect to dance, as it is for any physical activity. When you have an injury, you first and foremost are in pain, and that’s no fun. Additionally, h…Read More

  6. Celebrate With Dance For Your Anniversary

    If you and your spouse are celebrating a milestone anniversary in the near future, you’ll want to do something special to commemorate the day. Aside from planning a fantastic anniversary party, dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Center are the perfect choice for your anniversary celebration. If …Read More

  7. Spark The Romance In Your Relationship Through Dance

    There’s nothing like grabbing that special person in your life, pulling them close, and swaying to one of your favorite slow songs. The only thing that could make that special moment better would be if you could actually lead your partner in a dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Center, we specialize in…Read More

  8. Wedding Season Is Coming, It’s Time To Dance!

      Wedding season is right around the corner, which means tons of dancing will ensue. Whether you’re attending the wedding, or in the wedding, you’re going to have to dance. Instead of embarrassing yourself when you’re out on the dance floor, why not take some dance classes, and impress th…Read More

  9. Join Our Dance Studio

    With shows like Dancing With The Stars, and YouTube videos of flash mob dances, and coordinated dances at weddings, the popularity and demand for dance lessons has increased quite a bit. Learning to dance isn’t just for those in the media though. Dancing is meant for everyone in the world. Dance i…Read More

  10. Celebrate International Dance Day

    Dance is an important part of life. People have been dancing for centuries as part of cultural traditions and for different celebratory events. Dance is so important in fact, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) was formed as a “World Organization for the Performing Arts.” In 1982, the ITI …Read More