Plan out all the steps to your first dance and wedding song!

If you or or someone you know is planning a wedding, you’re aware that there are many things to consider and remember to do. While booking the reception hall and choosing the perfect church, minister, caterer and florist are high on the list, there are also some fun and sentimental details you’ll have to take care of as well.

One of these activities is choosing the perfect song for the first dance between the bride and groom. Hand in hand with this is the possibility of taking some dance lessons, specifically wedding dance lessons.

The song that a couple selects for their wedding first dance will likely be one that has strong sentimental value already.

It should be fairly easy to narrow down the song selection to the top two or three candidates. From there, play the songs together and look into your hearts. You’ll find that you’ll naturally gravitate toward the song that you both feel most deeply connected with. Consider years down the road — which song will still capture the feeling you’ll want to remember most about this new beginning, this new chapter in your life?

While you’re selecting songs for your wedding, you might also want to consider looking into some wedding dance lessons. Why not make that first dance (and all the others) perfect in yours and everyone else’s memory? Since you’ll likely be preserving it on video, wedding dance lessons could help you make sure that first wedding dance unfolds as you’d like it to — with grace and ease, in a way that you and your spouse will hold as a cherished memory.

Learn with a respected and trusted dance school like Arthur Murray DC if you’re in the Washington DC area. We offer wedding dance lessons for your first dance and father/daughter wedding dance lessons. It could make all the difference in feeling confident and in-the-moment during your first wedding dance.