First dates can be pretty generic. We’ve all been on a first date that consisted of dinner, drinks, and a movie. While these activities are fine for couples that have been dating for a while, eating in front of a new potential significant other isn’t always ideal, and seeing a movie isn’t necessarily the best way to get to know someone. Why not plan a first date that keeps both you and your date active and engaged the entire time? A dance class is the perfect first date idea, and today, we’re going to tell you why.

A Unique Idea

Your date will be impressed that you took the initiative to plan a date that is “out of the box.” People have come to expect that the first date might not be the best date they’ve ever been on. It can be hard to get to know someone new, and sometimes you’re not sure what to say on the first date. Why not take the awkward small talk from the coffee house to the dance studio?

Dancing Is Fun

This may seem obvious, but dancing is an extremely fun activity. You’re sure to laugh with your date as you both fumble over some dance moves. You’ll also be able to impress each other with how well you pick up on some of the steps. You and your date are guaranteed to have fun learning something new together.

Learn Through Observation

You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not your date is a good sport by the way they react to learning ballroom dancing. Ballroom dance can be slightly challenging, and in order to get it, it takes a person who is patient and willing to learn. You’ll know if your date has the qualities you’re looking for after taking a dance class together.

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Did you know, your first dance class at Arthur Murray Dance is always free? You’ll be able to plan the first part of your date at Arthur Murray Dance, and you won’t have to pay a dime! The beauty of this plan is, you’ll be able to plan a second part to your date, and the whole day won’t break your bank. Nothing works up an appetite like dancing. You’ll still be able to have a traditional element to your date with dinner after your dance class. The dance class can serve as an icebreaker for the date. When it finally comes time to have dinner, you’ll probably feel more comfortable with each other after having danced with one another, and you’ll definitely have something to talk about.

The obvious choice for your next first date is clearly a dance class at Arthur Murray Dance Center. You and your date can enjoy something unique and fun together that will be sure to get you both ready for dinner and easy conversation. Don’t hesitate to call Arthur Murray Dance Center today so you can start planning your next first date. Hopefully, it will be a memory that will last you and your date a lifetime!