At the Arthur Murray Dance Center, we want to provide people with the best possible dance experience our dance studio has to offer. An essential part of creating a positive dance experience has to do with ensuring that people are in the right dance program for their skill level.

Arthur Murray Dance uses a four tier dance program that splits our dancers into groups based on four different levels.

The first level starts with our Basic/Newcomer/Introductory Dance Program. This dance program will best suit you if you have never taken a dance lesson before, or if your last dance lesson took place while you were still in diapers!

The second level continues with the Associate Bronze Program and the Full Bronze Program. The Associate Bronze Program will focus on improving your movement. The Full Bronze Program will focus on developing timing and technique when it comes to all types of social dances.

The third level will move onto our Silver Program. The Silver Program hones in on a high degree of style. We will teach you techniques, movements, and how to bring your own style to the dances you’re learning.

The fourth level will finish with our Gold Program. When you reach the Gold Program, you will be considered a professional dancer. In this level, our instructors will focus on choreography, style, technique, and showmanship. What you learn in our Gold Program you will want to wow people with on the dance floor (maybe even a competitive dance floor).

If you’re uncertain as to which dance program would best fit your skill level, please visit our system page which further explains our dance programs. If you have any questions, give us a call today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will get you signed up for the right dance program for you!