Dance and Civilization

When you think about dance, it might be hard to understand just how important it is to humans and civilization as a whole. While it might seem like it’s just a hobby for a special few, the truth is that dance is much more than that.

Dance has been a staple of civilization for hundreds, even thousands of years. It has been used as a means of celebration, ritual, and storytelling. Dance is also a form of expression that allows different cultures to give a face to their rituals and way of life.

Dance in Religion and Mythology

Dance has been a part of civilization for many centuries. The first proof of dance in culture was found in 9000-year-old paintings in caves of India. The paintings depict dance, celebration and drinking in recognition of a successful hunt. Because of a lack of language at these times, dance was used to pass down knowledge and stories to newer generations.

Another example of ancient civilizations using dance is the Egyptian culture. The goddess Bast dominated sensual movement, music, dance and health. Egyptians were known to celebrate their gods in various forms of dance meant for ceremony and celebration.

Dance In Modern Times

Nowadays, dance is used for many different reasons, but celebration is the most popular. Dance is often seen as an integral part of any party, ball, or specific situations such as weddings. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating and dancing at these ceremonies.

Dance is also a form of competition in modern times, and has been throughout the decades. With different regions developing different forms of dance, such as the Tango, dance competition has gained popularity around the world.

With the importance that dance holds in societies and cultures around the world, it’s no wonder it’s been considered a universal language. With celebration and rhythm at the heart of dancing, people can connect in a romantic way that not only celebrates human nature, but history as well.

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