1. Dance Classes: Avoid Injuries with Proper Warm Ups

    Regardless if you have been dancing for years, or you are in the middle of your first series of dance classes, prevention of injuries is an important aspect to dance, as it is for any physical activity. When you have an injury, you first and foremost are in pain, and that’s no fun. Additionally, h…Read More

  2. Why Dance is the Best Workout

    Dance Classes and Working Out This new year, plenty of people will sign up for a new gym membership, a book club, painting classes, and many other things that they will give up on making a part of their life. If you also made a New Year’s resolution to learn something new and to get in shape, then…Read More

  3. Dance Lessons and Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Resolve to Dance This Year As another year comes to a close, many of us will begin to think of our new year’s resolutions. For many of us, these resolutions include getting include working on our relationships with others, reading more, spending more time with family and trying new things. When yo…Read More

  4. Dance for Flexibility

    If you’ve ever thought about taking dance lessons but never really got started, it could be because of a lack of motivation. It might be hard to get familiar or feel comfortable with something if you don’t know much about it, which can make it even harder to try something. However, just knowing …Read More

  5. How to Learn to Dance

    Dance Lessons for All Over the years, we have had tons of students that are interested in learning to dance. We’ve seen all kinds of students with different talents and abilities, and each one presents different challenges for our dance instructors, and to themselves. However, it is the goal of ev…Read More

  6. How Dancing Helps to Alleviate Stress

    Dancing has many psychological and physical benefits, but one of the best benefits is the stress relief it provides. When most people think of the benefits of dancing, they often think of the physical benefits. Dancing is, frankly, one of the best forms of exercise you can do, and it has helped many…Read More

  7. Dance Your Stress Away

    Many people know that dancing is beneficial physically, but did you know that it can help you reduce your stress as well? Dancing is one of the best things you can for your physical health. It combines flexibility, cardio and strength, and it has helped many people lose weight. We’ve touched on th…Read More

  8. Common Myths About Ballroom Dancing Part 2

    When it comes to ballroom dancing, there’s no shortage of myths and misconceptions. We’ve heard every myth in the book about ballroom dancing, from “ballroom dancing is too difficult for me” to “ballroom dancing is too outdated to waste your time learning it.” Luckily, these myths are ju…Read More

  9. Common Myths About Ballroom Dancing

    Don’t let the myths about ballroom dancing keep you from experiencing the many benefits associated with it! When it comes to ballroom dancing, there is a long list of myths and misconceptions that many people have in their minds. The truth is, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve been danci…Read More

  10. The Cultural Influence of Dance

    Dance and Civilization When you think about dance, it might be hard to understand just how important it is to humans and civilization as a whole. While it might seem like it’s just a hobby for a special few, the truth is that dance is much more than that. Dance has been a staple of civilization fo…Read More