A common goal most of us share is to stay fit and healthy throughout our life.

As people get older it becomes harder to find the time to work out and exercise the way they should. People are constantly looking for the best way to stay fit that works with their busy schedule. One way to stay fit and active is to participate in taking dance lessons.

Staying fit and active is as simple as taking ballroom dance lessons!

Taking a dance lesson at Arthur Murray DC is a great way to stay fit and have fun while learning a new skill. Ballroom dancing is an active art that requires the body to move in a number of different ways. Much like swimming, the body uses muscles that are not normally used in repetitive workouts. The moves and steps that a person learns will work their body in ways that they have never done before.

Of course, ballroom dance fitness requires more than just exercise and fun. Any exercise routine must be balanced with a healthy diet. Make sure to develop a healthy eating schedule in order to keep your energy up for dancing. Whole foods, such as fruit, vegetables, and lean proteins are a great choice to staying energized and not overly full. Before you participate in any dance lesson it is a good idea to stretch out and to drink plenty of water. Stretching allows your muscles to be ready for the rapid movement of dancing and prevent injury. Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do to keep your mind focused and your body healthy.

Learn How to Dance and Have Fun Doing it!

Not only do ballroom dance lessons keep you fit and active, they also allow you to socialize with old and new friends! Taking a dance lesson at Arthur Murray DC gives you the option to come with a friend, a group, a spouse, or solo. No matter who you show up with, we guarantee you meet new people and possibly even make new friends.

Ballroom dance lessons are a great way to spend a weekend night out, mingling with friends and dancing to exciting music. As you become more comfortable with dancing, you have the option of attending group events, such as our Saturday afternoon dance parties. Ballroom dance lessons provides a variety of opportunities to stay fit and socialize with new friends and old friends.