Here at Arthur Murray Dance Center, we want to provide the best dance studio experience you’ve ever had. One way we want to ensure you will have a positive outcome from your dance lessons is to make sure you take the proper precautions so that you do not get injured.

We have created a set of guidelines for you to follow so that you can have the best dance class experience that is 100 percent injury free.

  • The best way to begin a dance class is to get warmed up. Arrive early to every class and allow yourself time to warm up your muscles in order to avoid injury.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You may see the professionals wearing shoes with a heel, but for your everyday dance class, it’s best to wear shoes you know you can move in without the fear of twisting an ankle.
  • If you’re feeling any kind of pain at all, take a break. It is not worth it to dance through the pain. When you feel pain, that’s your body’s way of communicating that something is not right. Listen to your body, and take a break to determine if the pain is something that would cause a serious issue in the long run if it’s not attended to right away.
  • Pay attention to the proper techniques. Your dance instructor is not only there to teach you the dance moves, but to also teach you the proper techniques to complete each dance move. If you have questions about how to properly do something, ask! Your instructor and your body will thank you.
  • Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will keep your body functioning well.
  • Don’t take on too much too quickly. If you’re a beginner when it comes to dance, don’t sign up for more lessons than your body can handle. Try to find a dance class that is spread out throughout the week. Then you can have one day on and one day off in order to allow your body to rest.
  • If you have a previous injury or any health related issues that might cause a problem when it comes to dancing, consult a doctor before you take your first dance class. You and your doctor can determine the right path for you when it comes to physical exercise.
  • Make sure you aren’t just warming up, but that you are also taking time for a proper cool down. It is just as important to stretch at the end of a workout as it is to stretch at the beginning.

If you have questions about what level dance class would be a good fit for you, or if you’re not sure if you could keep up with the level of activity in any given dance class, please feel free to call us with questions. We would love to consult with you on what dance program would be right for you and how you can achieve your personal dance goals.

Find the Arthur Murray Dance Studio closest to you, and call about our dance programs today!