Swing Dance Is A Type Of Ballroom Dance?

When people think of ballroom dancing, they may think of the waltz, the Argentine tango, or the rumba. However, ballroom dancing has a variety of different styles to choose from, and swing dancing is one of the most fun dance styles that ballroom dance has to offer. If you’re looking for a way to get into ballroom dancing, but you want to try a dance style that you’re guaranteed to have fun with, get into the swing of things with swing dancing!

A Brief History Of Swing Dance

Let’s head back in time to when things were really roaring in the 1920s. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution in the mid to late 19th century, America was flourishing and people were heading to work and live in big cities as more job opportunities were becoming available in the cities, as opposed to rural farming towns. City life afforded people the opportunity to enjoy new aspects of life, such as consumerism and leisure time.

In their leisure time, people were discovering all of the fun city life had to offer. A big part of nightlife in the city was night clubs which often featured live musicians playing the popular style of music, jazz. Jazz music, with its loose structure and free-flowing vibe, encouraged the type of dancing that could keep up with its fast tempo and exciting high notes. With jazz music at its prime in the 1920s, it was only natural for swing dancing to really take off and create a whole new style of dance.

The term swing dance is all encompassing for different types of dances including the lindy hop and the jitterbug. Swing dance was largely born out of emotion that came from listening to the jazz music that was playing and improvisations based on what the band would do, since jazz musicians would often improvise their music and a free-styling soloists could take over the song at any moment.

A night out on the town at a lively nightclub with hopping music was the perfect setting for swing dance to be born in the 1920s in America, and today it lives on as a popular style of dance. Many of us are familiar with the popular dances that were born out of the swing dance movement in the 1920s, and when we think of swing dancing, we think of fun.

Why You Should Try Swing Dancing

If we haven’t made it obvious already, swing dancing is fun! When you sign-up for dance classes at Arthur Murray Dance, you’re sure to have fun no matter what. However, we promise that swing dancing will be a high energy and exciting style of dance to learn. You can’t learn how to jitterbug or lindy hop without a smile on your face. Plus, swing dance is so fast-paced that if you happen to fumble a few of your steps as you’re learning, no one will notice and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off!

Call Arthur Murray Dance today to sign-up for your first ballroom dancing class and we’ll have you lindy hopping your way across D.C. before you know it.