It’s your wedding day. You have planned every detail. You have the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect vows, the perfect colors, the perfect videographer to record your first dance for a memory that will last for generations. You take the dance floor, your perfect song begins, and you have…

Two long minutes of “clutch and sway”. Brides and grooms everywhere say that those two minutes seem like an eternity when you don’t do anything but sway in a little circle.

Your perfect day should include the perfect dance to your song. Whether you want an elegant waltz, or to “move like Jagger”, dance lessons from a professional instructor will give you a dance you want to be remembered.

Some tips to plan your wedding dance lessons:

  • Start early. Not only does it give you more time to practice (practice outings make a great date night!), as the big event draws near, you will find yourself with less time available to schedule lessons. Being able to check dance lessons off of your “to-do” list will be a huge relief.
  • You don’t have to pick a song before starting lessons. Many find it easier to find a dance they like and learn easily, then pick a song to match.
  • Dance lessons are not limited to the waltz and fox trot. If you want something less traditional, a professional instructor is the best person to help you develop a dance that suits your personality.
  • Practice dancing in clothing similar to what you will be wearing for The Big Day. You don’t want to wait until all eyes are on you to find out that you can’t glide backward in your wedding shoes!