Don’t let the myths about ballroom dancing keep you from experiencing the many benefits associated with it!

When it comes to ballroom dancing, there is a long list of myths and misconceptions that many people have in their minds. The truth is, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve been dancing for years or you’re just getting started, taking a ballroom dance class can benefit you in so many different ways, but in order to experience those benefits, you need to be set straight about the common myths and misconceptions. The following is a list from the experts at Arthur Murray Dance Centers of some of the most common myths about ballroom dancing debunked:

Myth #1. No one does ballroom dancing anymore!

When most people think of ballroom dancing, images from old, black and white movies probably come to mind. While the Waltz or the Tango are certainly forms of ballroom dancing that may not be as popular as they once were, there are other forms of ballroom dancing that are still thriving today, including the Salsa.

Myth #2. Ballroom dancing is just for sport.

Dance competitions have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks, in large part, to reality dance shows, like Dancing With the Stars. Although this growth in popularity has shown the spotlight on ballroom dancing in a whole new way, it’s also led to the belief that ballroom dancing is just for sport. However, many forms of ballroom dancing are largely social dances, and regardless of whether you are competing or not, ballroom dancing is something that everyone can enjoy.

Myth #3. Ballroom dancing is overly difficult.

While it’s true that ballroom dancing can take time and practice, it’s not true that it’s too difficult for most people to learn. In fact, when you learn just a few basic moves, you’ll be able to quickly learn how to perform many different ballroom dance styles. Dancing is like anything else: it may be difficult at first, but after a while, your body will get used to doing the moves and dancing will start to become more and more enjoyable.

Myth #4. It’s expensive to learn how to ballroom dance.

Many people believe that it simply costs too much money to take a dance class, but if you are interested in learning how to dance, you’ll be glad to know that that isn’t the case. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we offer a variety of dance classes that you can take advantage of, and with our own, unique dance programs, we can help you learn to dance without breaking the bank. Myth #5. You aren’t coordinated enough to ballroom dance. Many people just don’t believe that they have the rhythm to dance, and while there is some degree of natural skill when it comes to dancing, you’d be surprised at how much you can learn. In fact, when many people start taking dance classes, they find that they are much more coordinated than they had originally believed. As we mentioned earlier, dancing can be difficult at first, but when you stick with it, it’ll get easier and more enjoyable. Sign up for our ballroom dancing classes today, and stay tuned for our next blog to learn about the last five myths about ballroom dancing.