When it comes to ballroom dancing, there’s no shortage of myths and misconceptions.

We’ve heard every myth in the book about ballroom dancing, from “ballroom dancing is too difficult for me” to “ballroom dancing is too outdated to waste your time learning it.” Luckily, these myths are just that, myths, and there is actually a long list of benefits that you can experience when you learn ballroom dancing. In our previous blog, the experts at Arthur Murray Dance Center set the record straight about five of the most common myths about ballroom dancing. Today, we are going to be finishing up this blog series by debunking these last five ballroom dancing myths:

Myth #6. You can learn how to ballroom dance online.

In this day and age, there is a Youtube tutorial for everything, and ballroom dance is no exception. However, dancing is a bit different than learning how to unclog a drain or dye your hair, and while you can certainly learn how to do a few, basic dance moves online, you’ll be missing out on the benefits of learning to dance with a partner. Dancing is a social activity, and it’ll be much easier to learn if you do so in a dance class filled with other people who want to learn too!

Myth #7. Ballroom dancing is boring.

The Waltz is probably one of the most common dances people think of when they think of ballroom dancing, and while it’s true that the Waltz may not comply with modern takes on rhythm, music or even fashion, it isn’t the only form of ballroom dancing. Jive, Salsa, Rumba and Cha-Cha-Cha are also forms of ballroom dancing, and once you experience the passion and energy involved in these dances, you aren’t likely to think of ballroom dancing as boring ever again.

Myth #8. You can’t learn how to dance if you’re single.

Don’t let your relationship status keep you from learning to dance! Even if you are married and your spouse doesn’t want to learn to dance, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. One of the best things about taking group dance classes is that it gives the opportunity to meet a dance partner that you can learn with. You also have the opportunity to take one-on-one dance classes with an instructor who will act as your dance partner.

Myth #9. You’re too busy, tired, etc. to learn to dance.

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, and it can be difficult to find time to take dance lessons, particularly if they aren’t exactly your top priority. However, dancing is incredibly good for you, physically, mentally and psychologically, and when it comes to your health, it pays to stop making excuses and start making it a priority. It’s worth it to move around your schedule to make time for dance classes.

Myth #10. You won’t be comfortable with dancing in front of other people.

If you are insecure about your dancing skills, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Everyone feels insecure when they first start dancing, but when you take a beginner dance class at Arthur Murray Dance Center, you’ll be in the same boat as everyone else! As you learn more and dance more, you’ll get more and more comfortable with dancing in front of others. Dancing helps to build confidence on the dance floor, as well as throughout every other area in your life!