Arthur Murray gives 8 tips on what not to do on the dance floor!

I’m sure you have all read articles about what to do on the dance floor in order to be a good dancer. Reading blogs and other advice columns filled with tips and tricks about dancing is a great way to get advice.

If you can look at dancing advice from a different perspective, you will see that tips on what not to do on the dance floor also come in handy!

We discussed some of Arthur Murray’s tips to make you a better dancer in several of our blogs. Now we are going to take a different approach and tell you what not to do on the dance floor. This blog quotes Arthur Murray, himself, from 1937’s “Let’s Dance”. The following are his instructions of what not to do to be a good dancer:

  • Some people don’t dance, they just fight it out.
  • Don’t hum or whistle too loudly. Be considerate of your partner. In any case the tune should be changed at least once every 10 minutes. Hum in the same key with the orchestra, but don’t attempt to drown out its music.
  • Simply backing the girl around the room while the music plays is not the ideal way of showing her a big time.
  • Don’t cry about it. Dancing is supposed to be an expression of joy. The funereal expressions of the faces of some certainly contradict that assumption.
  • To find fault with your partner’s dancing is the best way of advertising the fact that you are just learning to dance.
  • Don’t clutch your partner’s hand as though it belonged to a long-lost friend. It isn’t necessary to get a death grip.
  • When a man wants to be sure of stepping on his partner’s foot, he starts with his right foot. MORAL: Start the dance with the left foot.
  • Ladies, don’t take short back steps, which block your partner and cause him to step on your toes. If the toes of your shoes are soiled, you are not taking long enough steps.

By taking Arthur Murray’s advice on what not to do, you will have a well-rounded idea of the ballroom dancing best practices. If you feel overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do, don’t panic! These tips are meant to be a general guideline for people to keep in mind while they are dancing. To make learning ballroom dancing even easier on you, Arthur Murray DC offers a variety of dance lessons and dance classes equipped with trained dance instructors. You can leave all you worries and questions about ballroom dancing in the hands of your instructor and enjoy dancing!