If you are considering taking beginner ballroom dance classes at one of the seven Arthur Murray Dance Studios in the D.C. area, you may be feeling nervous. Perhaps you are wondering if you have the basic skills necessary to be successful at it, but we can assure you, all your insecurities will melt away, and we will guide you to a place of comfort and confidence. In this week’s blog, we will address some of the hurdles that we commonly see beginners struggling with.

I Have No Rhythm!
You may not feel you or your partner is lacking in the natural rhythm department. Beginning ballroom knows that most beginner dancers focuses on foot positions, basic rhythm and timing, and learning to both lead and follow. We like to say that if you can count to four, you can dance. Many people feel that they have “two left feet” when they start but as your brain and body learn to work together, and you develop muscle memory, you will be able to move gracefully and with confidence.

I Don’t Have Partner!
We offer private lessons as well as group dance classes. There are other single people learning to dance too, so you can often pair up with one of them, or one of the dance instructors.

My Schedule is Too Busy!
We know that life can be crazy and schedules are often demanding. One of the great things about attending classes in the D.C. area is that we have seven studios for you to choose from. Maybe the one near home works for you, or maybe the one near your works better, either way, you have options to choose from! We have studios in Alexandria, Tysons Corner, Ashburn, Chevy Chase, Columbia, Silver Spring, and Gaithersburg.

I Have a Deadline!
Maybe you have a wedding a cruise, or a company event on the calendar and need to get some presentable dance steps under your belt by that deadline. We recommend going through the Basic Program and then taking the Associate Bronze Program.

I Just Need to Learn to Dance for My Wedding
It is not uncommon for people to feel extra pressure to dance the first dance at their wedding with grace and style. We can help! We do offer special wedding dance lessons. Our private lessons can even choreograph for your special occasion, to your choice of song. We do recommend that you start your dance lessons at lease six months before your wedding date.

Why Should I Choose Arthur Murray?
This one is easy to answer! Arthur Murray has over a century of experience to draw on. Yes, over a century! Arthur Murray taught his first dance lessons in 1912, and when the dancing dance craze swept the nation during WWII, and by 1946 there were already 72 studios. His secret has been breaking down dance into learnable parts that are easy to sew together into a beautiful dance. Arthur Murray Dance Studio continue his tradition of teaching dance lessons to everyday people to enrich their lives. All the D.C. studios and all the instructors are proud to be part of such and illustrative and innovative tradition.

Get on your dancing shoes and get ready to become a great dancer!