Looking to improve your dance moves?

You’re tired of just going through the steps on the dance floor and want to get to the point where you want to be noticed by others, whether it’s for a wedding dance or at a club. There are several means of boosting your dance moves, whether it is through dance lessons at a dancing studio or with your partner at couples dance classes.

So without further ado, here are eight ways to improve your dance moves:

1. Dancing Lessons or Dance Classes: There’s no better means of improving your dance moves, other than, essentially, becoming a student of dance. Taking dance class or regular dancing lessons won’t only get you the expert instruction to improve, but it will also give you regular instruction and practice so that your good dance habits can be reinforced and you can build off of the things you need work at. Ballroom dancing lessons, couples dance classes, and wedding dance lessons, for a wedding first dance, are among the more popular choices.

2. Practice: So you learned some new dance moves – work on them! The phrase “practice makes perfect” is cliché, but so true. Practice around your living room, in your basement or elsewhere until you master the moves.

3. Record Yourself: Set up a tripod and a video camera and record your dance steps. Then watch it back and critique yourself and discover what you need to do better to improve. Studying film of yourself can be a very effective improvement tool.

4. Mirror: Don’t have a video camera? A mirror will do as a suitable replacement in this instance, so long as you can look at yourself and dance at the same time.

5. Learn More Than One Dance: We all have our favorite dances, but the more you learn, the better all-around dancer you’ll become. Additional dances can be learned at a ballroom dancing studio and other places around town.

6. Music: Don’t just practice in a quiet room – get into the groove! Put on music and follow along to the beat.

7. Practice for People: We get it, you’re shy and you don’t want to perform your dance moves in front of your family and friends. But part of dancing is dancing with confidence, and the more confident you are, the better dancer you’ll be. So conquer your fear of dancing in front of people by doing it. Start with the people you’re most comfortable with first.

8. Have Fun: Dancing is all about having fun. And if you have fun as you do it, chances are you’re going to get better at it because you’re actually enjoying it. Don’t perceive dancing as some daunting task that you dread. Have fun with it and see where it takes you. At Arthur Murray DC, we’re all about having fun as you learn dance.