Many men and women are looking to take dance lessons to help them stay active and socialize with people. Ballroom dancing is a very popular choice. Arthur Murray Dance Centers can help you with both of these goals.
You don’t have to be a competition level dancer to enjoy the skills aquired by learning to dance. However, there are three common misconceptions about ballroom dancing lessons that may prevent you from enjoying this fun and healthy activity.

1. You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know About Ballroom Dancing by Watching Lessons on Video

Dancing requires you to learn certain basic steps and maneuvers that you perform in a particular order in harmony with your ballroom dancing partner. You might think that you can learn everything you need to know about ballroom dancing by watching videos, such as on DVDS or on video-sharing websites. While viewing lessons on video can help you get an idea of what you need to do in ballroom dancing, there is no substitute for actually attending dance classes. Your Arthur Murray dance instructor can personalize the learning to suit your specific needs and coach you through the experiences.

2. Ballroom Dancers are Born, not Made

It’s a common misconception that ballroom dancers are born, and not made. After all, you see a talented dancer and think that the person’s genetics are responsible for his or her talent. What you forget is that all good dancers must spend significant amounts of time learning dance steps and practicing them. Everyone hast the potential to learn how to dance. You just need to commit to attending classes and continue to practice until you learn how to properly move.

3. There is no Need for Individual Instruction

Once you’ve decided to take ballroom dancing lessons, you may think that you can learn everything you need to know in a large group. While group lessons are an excellent method to practice your moves, the instructor will not be able to devote very much time to any single student in such a setting. It’s prudent for you to sign up for individual instruction as well, so the instructor can closely monitor your progress and correct any mistakes as soon as you make them.

If ballroom dancing sounds like it’s a good choice to help you keep active while having fun meeting people or preparing for an upcoming wedding, you should sign up for lessons today and start having fun!