Associate Bronze Program

The associate bronze program is a compilation of dance lessons aimed at the dancer who is looking to improve their movement on the dance floor. It will help you have more fluidity in your movements and allow you to look like a natural at a variety of dance styles. The dance classes in the bronze associate program will set you up with better technique, as well as better footwork. The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Centers will evaluate your progress, and determine whether or not you’re ready for the dance floor.

Full Bronze Program

The full bronze program differs from the associate in that it is a the full social standard. Our dance instructors have shaped this class so that you can develop timing and technique in all types of social dances. Our goal for you at the end of these dance lessons is that you will not only feel comfortable with you dance styles, but will look like a pro out on the dance floor. In our dance classes, we will provide you with the tools to look poised and comfortable with many types of dances. We hope to teach you something that you can hold with you forever. If you would like to learn more about our bronze program, contact our dance studio today.