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Wedding Dance Lessons

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We will help you create a magical wedding dance experience. The magic begins when you call today to schedule a free private lesson. Ask about our 25% discount for new students.





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How to Choose the Perfect Father/Daughter Wedding Dance

How to Choose the Perfect Father Daughter Wedding Dance

So. Your daughter is getting married. Congratulations! Having a daughter get married can be a little traumatic. You are about to relinquish your spot as the #1 man in your daughter's life. And now there's a wedding to plan! And that means...a Father/Daughter dance in front of all of your friends and family!!

How do you pick the perfect dance for you and your daughter, to celebrate her special day? How do you learn the perfect dance?

This goes back to the basic "the chicken or the egg" question. Do you pick a song first, and then learn to dance to it, or do you take dance lessons and pick a song that works with the dance you do best? There is no "one size fits all answer". If your daughter has a sentimental attachment to a song, then bring it to your lessons. If not, then try dancing first, and get song recommendations from your instructor.

The most important thing is to start wedding dance lessons early! Having extra time to practice will help you feel more relaxed. And as the big day draws near, you will find yourselves becoming busier and making so many decisions, that having the dance down pat will be a big relief!

And best of all, dance lessons one-on-one with your daughter will give you some memorable time as the #1 man in her life, until you give her away.



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