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Wedding Dance Lessons

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We will help you create a magical wedding dance experience. The magic begins when you call today to schedule a free private lesson. Ask about our 25% discount for new students.





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Impress Your Wedding Guests With Your First Dance!

A tradition at every wedding is the first dance for the bride and groom.Waltz Wedding Dance Lessons

Often times, this dance occurs right after dinner, when drinks are flowing and your guests are mingling with each other and having a good time. The lights will dim and the disc jockey will make the announcement that the formal dance is about to begin, catching your guests' attention and turning all eyes to the dance floor. But typically, your guests gaze on for a moment before continuing their conversations. So why not wow your guests with your first dance as a married couple and make it certain that you and your spouse are truly the center of attention for the entire night?

And better yet, while your finished routine will have the attention of your wedding guests, taking dance lessons as a future husband and wife in the weeks leading up to your wedding can also be a great bonding experience for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Wedding dances can be choreographed by your Arthur Murray dance instructor typically over a series of weeks.

While dance lessons at Arthur Murray DC studios are ideal for future spouses, they can also be a valuable bonding experience for any couple or individual looking for a fun activity to socialize and stay active. So whether it's the exclamation point you want to put on your first dance as a married couple or just an activity to get you out of the house and off the couch, ballroom dancing lessons are an ideal choice. It's exercise, it's fun, and it's a great way to learn something new. The waltz is just one example of the many different dance steps and routines that can be learned through a dance class at Arthur Murray DC studios.


Arthur Murray 30 Day Dance Challenge

30 Day Dance Challenge resized 600
Starting August 1st, Arthur Murray Studios from all over will be participating in the 30 Day Dance Challenge! Log in to Facebook daily for great tips from Arthur Murray coaches, competitive dancers and franchise owners to improve your dancing. Keep up with Arthur Murray DC to join the fun!
If you get a little behind, or want to go over the exercises more head over to our Youtube channel!



Only through some sort of regular excercise can we avoid having all those extra calories we consume convert to body fat. Instead of spending endless hours working on boring, monotonous exercise equipment, why not enjoy burning those extra calories while dancing in a pleasant atmosphere with pleasant people and great music!


Medical specialists tell us that long periods of inactivity can cause a decline in the heart's efficiency. A heart, which is accustomed to exercise, when forced into more vigorous activity (i.e. running upstairs to answer the phone, shoveling snow, playing an active sport, etc.) will be better able to handle the extra load. Your heart will pump blood throughout your body with much more efficiency when required to so frequently by a mild form of exercise such as dancing.


Do you know that our nerve cells govern our senses of sight, feel, hearing, smell and taste? They govern our memory, emotions, reasoning and motor reflexes too. Doctors have long recognized the beneficial effects of exercise on the psyche and nerve cells. Dancing aids in relieving stress and strain and couteracts nervous fatigue. If we are to think clearly, and make intelligent decisions in our everyday life. we must possess the kind of relaxed nervous system that can be provided by regular dancing!


Often we don't stop to reflect on the needs of our bodies until it is too late. Good circulation not only nourishes our muscles, giving us coordination as well as grace and poise, but though dancing wit does more to stimulate and improve the appearance of our skin than all of the massages and creams we can use.

As we grow older, it becomes a greater challenge to remain active so our minds and bodies will stay strong and fit. Dancing is a wonderful way to keep both mind and body active, and the amount of energy you want to devote to it is entirely up to you!


One of the beautiful things about social dancing is the way it works muscles that would otherwise not get very much use in a normal day. Firmer underarms/triceps will result when the arms are held up and used. Sounds like dance position and arm styling might make you look good in more ways than one.

As for the legs, most people have fairly solid muscle tone on the front of their legs. If you want to firm up the back of the thigh and lower buttocks, you have to use them. Swing the leg back from the hip in a slow Fox Trot could help tone this area.

How Should Ballroom Dance Shoes Fit?

dance shoes resized 600

Finding the perfect dance shoe can make all the difference during dance lessons!

It is important to have proper tools to improve any hobby. Dance shoes are specifically made to enhance the dancing experience. Wearing proper dance shoes while dancing will help with balance and turning.

While ballroom dancing shoes should fit more snug than your sneakers or business shoes, they should not be so tight that they pinch your feet or constrain movement. Dancing in shoes that are too small can leave your feet in pain for days.

Learn about sizing ballroom shoes before you go shoe shopping, so that you get the right fit. If you're unsure of what type of shoe to order, check with your Arthur Murray dance instructor for a recommendation.

When trying on dance shoes , make sure to try on both the left and right shoe. Many people have one foot that's slightly bigger than the other, so it is important to make sure that both shoes fit right before you go dancing. Consider buying foam inner soles, which stabilize your foot inside the dance shoe. Shoes that stretch too much wear out more quickly.  


Arthur Murray's "Don'ts for Dancers"

Arthur Murray gives 8 tips on what not to do on the dance floor!Arthur Murray's Tips for dancers

I'm sure you have all read articles about what to do on the dance floor in order to be a good dancer. Reading blogs and other advice columns filled with tips and tricks about dancing is a great way to get advice.

If you can look at dancing advice from a different perspective, you will see that tips on what not to do on the dance floor also come in handy!

We discussed some of Arthur Murray's tips to make you a better dancer in several of our blogs. Now we are going to take a different approach and tell you what not to do on the dance floor. This blog quotes Arthur Murray, himself, from 1937's "Let's Dance". The following are his instructions of what not to do to be a good dancer:

  • Some people don't dance, they just fight it out.
  • Don't hum or whistle too loudly. Be considerate of your partner. In any case the tune should be changed at least once every 10 minutes. Hum in the same key with the orchestra, but don't attempt to drown out its music.
  • Simply backing the girl around the room while the music plays is not the ideal way of showing her a big time.
  • Don't cry about it. Dancing is supposed to be an expression of joy. The funereal expressions of the faces of some certainly contradict that assumption.
  • To find fault with your partner's dancing is the best way of advertising the fact that you are just learning to dance.
  • Don't clutch your partner's hand as though it belonged to a long-lost friend. It isn't necessary to get a death grip.
  • When a man wants to be sure of stepping on his partner's foot, he starts with his right foot. MORAL: Start the dance with the left foot.
  • Ladies, don't take short back steps, which block your partner and cause him to step on your toes. If the toes of your shoes are soiled, you are not taking long enough steps.

By taking Arthur Murray's advice on what not to do, you will have a well-rounded idea of the ballroom dancing best practices. If you feel overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do, don't panic! These tips are meant to be a general guideline for people to keep in mind while they are dancing. To make learning ballroom dancing even easier on you, Arthur Murray DC offers a variety of dance lessons and dance classes equipped with trained dance instructors. You can leave all you worries and questions about ballroom dancing in the hands of your instructor and enjoy dancing!



Dance Preparation for your Wedding Day

Wedding preparation is quite the task and requires several hours, days, and weeks of planning.

But wait, you found the love of your life, shouldn’t everything else fall into place? Not exactly, from finding a venue, wedding dress, cake, florist, band, etc. it can be easy to let wedding preparation overwhelm you. We have all been there and trust us all the hard work and planning for your wedding will be worth it when you get to experience your special day!

One important part of your wedding reception, that you don’t want to forget to add to your to-do list, is dancing! There is your first dance, father & bride dance, mother & groom dance, and the celebratory dancing in-between. Lucky for you, Arthur Murray dance studios have expert dance instructors to help you prepare for all of your wedding dances.

We can alleviate the stress by planning the perfect father & bride or mother & groom dance routine.

First step is picking your father/daughter dance song. Some father and daughter pairs choose the song together and some brides pick a song that has special meaning to them. Either way you want to choose a song that symbolizes your relationship with your father. Here are some suggestions of songs for the father/daughter dance:

Sample Songs

-       Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

-       My Girl by The Temptations

-       In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

-       You’ve got a friend by James Taylor

-       I Loved Her First by Heartland

-       Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

-       Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

-       Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel

-       In My Life by The Beatles

If you need assistance choosing an appropriate song, ask your Arthur Murray dance instructor for recommendations.

We suggest that you practice the father & bride or mother & groom dance routine a few times before the wedding. The goal of dance lessons is to increase your confidence and comfort level. The more practice you have, the more comfortable you will be dancing together.

Over the past ten years, weddings have become more unique and custom straying away from the “cookie-cutter” traditions. By taking dance lessons with Arthur Murray's wedding dance specialist, you have the option to custom create the dance routine. Depending on your comfort and skill level, the options are endless! You can choose a routine that will wow your guests or you can practice a traditional routine and enjoy the moment with your parents. Our wedding dance specialist will assist you with your wedding dance routines! 


3 Common Misconceptions about Ballroom Dance Lessons


fun group resized 600

Many men and women are looking to take dance lessons to help them stay active and socialize with people. Ballroom dancing is a very popular choice. Arthur Murray Dance Centers can help you with both of these goals. 

You don't have to be a competition level dancer to enjoy the skills aquired by learning to dance. However, there are three common misconceptions about ballroom dancing lessons that may prevent you from enjoying this fun and healthy activity.

1. You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know About Ballroom Dancing by Watching Lessons on Video

Dancing requires you to learn certain basic steps and maneuvers that you perform in a particular order in harmony with your ballroom dancing partner. You might think that you can learn everything you need to know about ballroom dancing by watching videos, such as on DVDS or on video-sharing websites. While viewing lessons on video can help you get an idea of what you need to do in ballroom dancing, there is no substitute for actually attending dance classes. Your Arthur Murray dance instructor can personalize the learning to suit your specific needs and coach you through the experiences.

2. Ballroom Dancers are Born, not Made

It’s a common misconception that ballroom dancers are born, and not made. After all, you see a talented dancer and think that the person’s genetics are responsible for his or her talent. What you forget is that all good dancers must spend significant amounts of time learning dance steps and practicing them. Everyone hast the potential to learn how to dance. You just need to commit to attending classes and continue to practice until you learn how to properly move.

3. There is no Need for Individual Instruction

Once you’ve decided to take ballroom dancing lessons, you may think that you can learn everything you need to know in a large group. While group lessons are an excellent method to practice your moves, the instructor will not be able to devote very much time to any single student in such a setting. It’s prudent for you to sign up for individual instruction as well, so the instructor can closely monitor your progress and correct any mistakes as soon as you make them.

If ballroom dancing sounds like it’s a good choice to help you keep active while having fun meeting people or preparing for an upcoming wedding, you should sign up for lessons today and start having fun!



8 Tips to Improve Your Dance Moves

Looking to improve your dance moves?dance twirl resized 600

You're tired of just going through the steps on the dance floor and want to get to the point where you want to be noticed by others, whether it's for a wedding dance or at a club. There are several means of boosting your dance moves, whether it is through dance lessons at a dancing studio or with your partner at couples dance classes.

So without further ado, here are eight ways to improve your dance moves:

1. Dancing Lessons or Dance Classes: There's no better means of improving your dance moves, other than, essentially, becoming a student of dance. Taking dance class or regular dancing lessons won't only get you the expert instruction to improve, but it will also give you regular instruction and practice so that your good dance habits can be reinforced and you can build off of the things you need work at. Ballroom dancing lessons, couples dance classes, and wedding dance lessons, for a wedding first dance, are among the more popular choices.

2. Practice: So you learned some new dance moves - work on them! The phrase "practice makes perfect" is cliché, but so true. Practice around your living room, in your basement or elsewhere until you master the moves.

3. Record Yourself: Set up a tripod and a video camera and record your dance steps. Then watch it back and critique yourself and discover what you need to do better to improve. Studying film of yourself can be a very effective improvement tool.

4. Mirror: Don't have a video camera? A mirror will do as a suitable replacement in this instance, so long as you can look at yourself and dance at the same time.

5. Learn More Than One Dance: We all have our favorite dances, but the more you learn, the better all-around dancer you'll become. Additional dances can be learned at a ballroom dancing studio and other places around town.

6. Music: Don't just practice in a quiet room - get into the groove! Put on music and follow along to the beat.

7. Practice for People: We get it, you're shy and you don't want to perform your dance moves in front of your family and friends. But part of dancing is dancing with confidence, and the more confident you are, the better dancer you'll be. So conquer your fear of dancing in front of people by doing it. Start with the people you're most comfortable with first.

8. Have Fun: Dancing is all about having fun. And if you have fun as you do it, chances are you're going to get better at it because you're actually enjoying it. Don't perceive dancing as some daunting task that you dread. Have fun with it and see where it takes you. At Arthur Murray DC, we're all about having fun as you learn dance.



How to Differentiate Salsa Dancing vs. Merengue

Are you in the mood to spice up your dance routine, but you’re not sure which Latin dance is right for you?Salsa Dancing

While watching Latin dances, the dancers move very quickly and rhythmically, which can be intimidating to beginners making them hesitant to try Salsa dancing or the Merengue. To determine which dance speaks to you, let’s look at a little history of the Salsa and the Merengue:

The Merengue is believed to originate from the Dominican Republic. One of the historical theories  on the origin of the Merengue states its origin started started with slaves working in the fields. They were chained together at their ankles and had to walk by dragging one leg, side to side. This style of dance mimics the side-to-side movements of the slaves. The Merengue is a partner dance, which is danced to an upbeat, marching tempo.

The Merengue has a very basic step of one-two-one-two that is repeated throughout the whole dance. This partner dance uses small steps from either side-to-side or in a circle. The basic body movements that both partners mimic are the direction and the hip movement.Merengue Dance steps

The direction is based off of the simple one-two steps, while one partner leads the other. Depending on the skill level of the dancers, the Merengue can basically be a walking dance or a mix of slow steps and spins. This is a perfect dance for beginners to learn steps and gain confidence while dancing.

The Salsa  originates from Puerto Rico although it is strongly influenced by the Mambo which is from Cuba. Salsa dancing is a partner dance based off simple, repetitive, movements. The Salsa can be improvised based on the skills of the dancers or it can have a routine allowing for more intricate dance moves.

The basic Salsa pattern is different from the Merengue because it involves a few more steps and a different timing.Salsa dancing

Both of these dances are great social dances and are very popular at Latin clubs and parties. Arthur Murray DC Dance studios are specialists at teaching all of the latin dances. Call today to make an appointment to learn your favorite dance. 


3 Essential Steps to Prepare For Your First Dance Lesson

Are you considering enrolling in dancing lessons at a ballroom dance studio?First dance lesson

Whether you're looking to meet new friends, trying to lose weight, or getting ready for the big wedding dance, beginning ballroom dance lessons can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If you're feeling a bit worried about making a fool of yourself at your first dance class, you may want to consider making a few preparations ahead of time. You'll be amazed at how just a little prep work can ease your anxiety. 

Talk to a Professional

If you're thinking of taking dancing lessons at a studio, such as Arthur Murray DC, you may first want to have a little chat with one of the dance teachers working there. Teachers can help you choose the appropriate class while letting you know what exactly occurs during the average dance class. You may find yourself less anxious when you know what to expect from your ballroom dance lessons.

Invest in Good Shoes 

As a beginner, you do not necessarily need to have a pair of fancy dance shoes. You do, however, need a pair of shoes that fits well and will feel comfortable for an hour or more of dancing. If you don't already have a pair of shoes that meets this basic criteria, it's probably time to go shopping. Your feet will thank you later.

Bring a Friend 

Singles often worry about going to ballroom dance lessons alone, fearing that all the other participants will be couples. Believe it or not, a lot of other singles enjoy taking dancing lessons. In fact, many attend ballroom dance lessons in hope of meeting other singles. Most teacher choose to rotate students through a variety of partners, allowing them to get comfortable with different dance styles. However, if you are still worried about being the only single at class, you might find it helpful to bring another single friend with for moral support.


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